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With the ever-growing demand for businesses to trade online comes the rise of fresh food suppliers such as meat produces and fishmongers. The average joe on the street will have become more and more confident with ordering their goods from a virtual store and with that they start to order more and more goods. One of the products seeing a marked increase is fresh fish & seafood. This at one time was seen as a bit risky due to the nature of the produce, but nowadays is seen as a perfectly acceptable thing to order online for a delivery to their homes. So, why have things changed & is it a better way to purchase seafood over going to a local fishmongers or supermarket?buying online 300x261 Fresh Fish & Seafood Delivery to your Home

Well, as is the case in many towns and cities, the once popular shop in the high street has become a thing of rarity, due in no uncertain terms to the growth of supermarkets. Whereas people would at one time go to their local fish monger to buy such items as salmon fillets etc, now it can be done at the same time as the weekly shop without having to find the nearest parking space. Buying from the supermarket has become a much more convenient way of shopping.

So, if buying from the supermarket is so easy, why is there an increase in online fishmongers selling and delivering to customers throughout the UK. Well the reason seems to be down to the freshness of the seafood. It has been well reported that the fresh fish and seafood on display in major supermarkets can be upwards of 3 weeks old. Who wants 3 week old fish? It is because the fish is bought in for the store and is sat there waiting for someone to come along and buy the fish that it is left on display for so long. If you compare that to the fish that is bought from some of the uk’s top online fishmongers such as http://www.aoseafood.co.uk where all the fresh fish and seafood is bought in usually that morning for both their online orders and their wholesale orders. The seafood is vac packed and placed in an insulated box with frozen gel packs to keep the temperature low ready for a next day delivery to the customer’s home. There is no way the supermarkets can beat that kind of freshness, because they are too big to cater to it.

So, when you are next in the market for some fresh salmon or perhaps you’re looking to buy some juicy king prawns, then take a moment to look at some of the freshest seafood on offer online and give it a go & buy fresh fish online, I promise you wont regret it.


Seafood Delivery

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