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Top 10 Benefits to Eating Fresh Fish Regularly

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Most people are aware that by eating fresh fish on a regular basis can aid to improving their health, but they are usually unsure as to how and why this is the case. Below we are giving the top 10 health benefits to having fresh fish in your diet.

  1. Good for the Heart. In places on the planet where the indigenous people have a reputation as fish eaters, they in coincidently have lower rates of heart disease. Seafood is high in omega 3 oil but is significantly lower in saturated fats than a lot of other food. Even a small uptake of fresh fish and seafood in the diet, say once a week could significantly reduce the risk of heart disease
  2. Improves circulation. Omega 3 oils that are present in most seafood helps to reduce the risk of thrombosis.
  3. Helps the Joints.  A regular intake of fresh fish in the diet helps to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which is a very painful joint condition. Again the omega 3 fatty acids help to ease symptoms and is even thought to help prevent the debilitating condition from developing.
  4. Improves vision.  It has been suggested that AMD or Age Related Macular Degeneration which is a condition where the eyesight gets blurred is improved by the regular eating of fresh fish. This is also due to the omega-3 oil & also the retinol that is also present.
  5. Important nutrition.   Fresh fish & seafood are high in important nutrition such as iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium. Iodine is important for the thyroid gland, and selenium makes enzymes which can help to protect us from cancer. Plus, it is also a good source of vitamins from a – d.
  6. Breathing.  It is thought that by eating fresh fish it will prevent the onset of asthma, and when comparing fish eaters to non fish eaters, they found that the fish eaters had significantly stronger lung capacity
  7. Prevents Depression.  Research has found strong links between the improvement of sad or seasonal affective depression. This is part due to the increased intake of vitamin D that is present in most seafood.
  8. Good for the Skin.   Omega-3 oil helps to protect against the damaging effects of the suns’ uv rays. Fish is also good for the skin in that its a decent source of collegian, which helps to keep the skin firm but flexible.
  9. Good for the Gut.  inflammatory bowel disease such as bowel cancer, crohn’s and colitis is significantly reduced when a diet rich in seafood is consumed regularly.
  10. Good for the Grey Matter.   People that eat fresh fish regularly are much less likely to develop brain diseases such as dementia or alzheimer’s.


Top 10 Benefits of Eating Fresh Fish

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